About Us

Kenneth Aungst is the President and Founder of Washtenaw Communications Inc. Kens experience in the communications field was obtained from training with the United states Air Force, ILC Industries a sub contractor for NASA, Co partner of Delaware Avionics, and extensive training from Motorola training Centers.

Ken also became the lead technician for the City of  Ann Arbor Radio Division. Ken used this extensive back  ground to establish Washtenaw Communications Inc. serving Michigan for over 25 years.

Washtenaw Communications Inc. provides Sales and Service of Land Mobile Communications Equipment

                                                 Kenwood, Vertex, Icom, Ritron, SCA

Portable, Mobile, Paging, Base Stations, and Repeater Communications Equipment Installation for Heavy and Light Industrial, School Districts, School Bus Fleets,Taxi Fleets,Towing Services, Fire Departments, Police Departments, and Hospitals.